We can all feel a little bit down about ourselves sometimes, especially in the age of social media where we see perfection everyday, so here are our 7 top tips to help boost your body confidence and remind you of how much of a badass babe you really are!

Take pictures of yourself when you’re feeling fab

Instead of looking back at pictures of yourself that you hate in order to encourage yourself to change, why not take pictures every time you feel amazing and look back at those and remember how incredible you really are.

Stop comparing yourself

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy, and when your self esteem is low, it’s good to remember that not everything we see online is real, and that often images posted by our friends and celebrities usually just highlight the high moments of their lives even though their reality may be very different. It’s also good to remember that someone else’s beauty doesn’t mean an absence of your own and that we can all be beautiful and amazing in our own way, because after all, nobody is cookie cutter perfect.

Try Something New 

Why not try out a new hobby like a new craft, fitness class, walking challenge or book? The possibilities are endless! Giving your body and brain a fresh challenge and learning something new is great for your mind and gives you something to aim for and focus on. You’ll feel a great sense of achievement when you complete your task, are praised for your progress, win a match, or are able to look at your finished creation.

Have a wardrobe makeover 

Hate what you wear? Why not get playful and try something new that you have always wanted to try? Or inject some more colour in to your wardrobe? Have an experiment and take time to find what makes you feel amazing.

Look After Your Skin 

It’s amazing how much more confident you can feel when your skin, hands, and feet feel heathy and are cared for. It’s easy to forget to give them a pamper every so often, but by keeping your skin healthy and hydrated you can feel much better. A good tip for looking after your skin is by remembering to drink enough water and moisturising to reduce dryness. Remember to moisturise and give yourself a foot massage often too, as your feet will always support you through life, so it’s good to keep them in good condition.

Treat yourself 

Treat yourself every once in a while, whether its by going to the spa, getting your hair or nails done, simply having a glass of wine, or bar of chocolate on a Friday night, you deserve to spoil yourself every so often. It’s good for your mind, body, and soul.

Remind yourself of what your amazing body can do 

It’s easy to put yourself down on your appearance, but when you’re feeling bad, think about all of the amazing things your body can do, because it’s not all about looks. Your body sticks with you through every amazing and tough time of your life. Hate your stretch marks? Think of how amazing your body was for being able to create, carry and deliver your beautiful children. Hate your crows feet? Try and look at them like laughter lines and that they’re a sign of many happy moments full of laughter and joy. Have scars? If they’re from a hobby think about how much you love that hobby and how they’re a reminder of how much you adore what you do and how hard you’ve worked. If they’re from something bad, try and think about how you’ve survived through the hard times and have come out even stronger.

Why not look in the mirror on a morning and tell yourself one good thing about yourself that you like instead of putting yourself down? After a while you’ll start to believe it!