Fashion brand Navabi have released a super body positive campaign.

Because every body is a beach body!

Three years ago, a health supplement brand released a controversial advert which labelled a slim woman as ‘beach body ready’. Now, we all know that every body is beach body ready, no matter the shape or size!

On the anniversary of the advert that caused uproar, fashion label Navabi have released their own version of the infamous ad. Spoiler alert: It’s absolutely badass.

With plus size influencers Bethany Rutter, Lauren Talulah, and Stephanie Yeboah, the advert makes a brilliantly body positive statement.

Navabi said: “we decided to rerun those Beach Body ads with three different profile models to remind those editors who avoid plus-size stories, those advertisers who choose to shoot a single profile of model, those high-street buyers who avoid anything over size 16: The world has moved on. Let’s make 2018 the year that every body can be a beach body.”

We couldn’t agree more with Navabi. The notion that only a certain shape is a ‘beach body’ is totally outdated and downright wrong. No matter if you’re a size 12 or 32, you can look amazing poolside or beachside this summer.