Big-boobed ladies, you can FINALLY sunbathe on your front comfortably!

Every lady with big boobs knows the struggle of how uncomfortable it is to sleep or sunbathe on your front, but Bravissimo have invented the solution.

The bra shop first announced the lilo with boob holes as an April Fools Day joke, but customer demand led the company to actually make the product!

After the joke in April, loads of customers approached Bravissimo, and asked them to manufacture the lilo.

And guess what? They listened!

The bright pink lilo is super comfy for any big-boobed gal. With the ‘Cup holders, Bravissimo style!’ (see what they did there?), ladies can relax in style.

This lilo is available to buy on the Bravissimo website, and it ain’t too expensive either!

Buy now.