Felicity Hayward is known for for her super successful modelling career and her body positivity movement ‘Self Love Brings Beauty,’ so it’s not surprising that she hit back at body shamers by doing what she does best, by rocking those killer curves.

The beautiful Felicity was on a trip to Greece relaxing on a beach with her gal pals, when a couple decided to start making fun of the plus size model while she sunbathed in a thong style bikini.

So Felicity, being the self-love advocate that she is, decided that she would pose for a super empowering, uber glamorous bikini shot in the sea in front of the couple, which she later posted to her Instagram.

She wrote: “To the couple sitting on the beach making fun, laughing and taking photos of me and my friends enjoying our holiday in our lil bikinis, I will stand in front of you for 15 mins and take this banging photo, because my body is just as worthy as yours sweetie.

“Just because you have a toned gym bod doesn’t mean you are worthy of more respect.”

“Comparison is the stealer of joy, so i’m gunna live my best life like this and you can carry on with dealing with your own insecurities.”

Stretchies are sexy ⚡️⚡️ #SelfLoveBringsBeauty

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Felicity’s fans commented on the bikini photo’s with heaps of support for the model…

One follower said “I think you look amazing and your attitude is perfect! People don’t have the right to put others down. I wish the world could understand how it feels to be judged daily just because of they way/who you are as an individual! #youreamazing.”

“U go girl….happiness is a state of mind, not a clothes size!!!!!!!!!!” said another.

Another commented: “I think you are amazing and beautiful. Way to go girl! 💪💕”

“Love it!!! Mirror mirror on the wall who is the…. all our bodies are temples media forgets that! You are an inspiration 🧞‍♀️😇,” said another woman.

We think you’re amazing Felicity and applaud you for reminding people that no matter what kind of body you have, you have a beach body.

All images: @felicityhayward on Instagram