Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered plus size fashion?
The high street defines plus size as a women’s size 16 and above. You can find out more here.
Do you sell any products featured on your site?
Ashleigh Plus Size picks the best plus size fashion available online and shares them in one place to make it more convenient for you. This means that we don’t sell the products ourselves, but we direct you to the place that does!
How does your site make money?
Ashleigh Plus Size is dedicated to finding you the best plus size fashion across a range of retailers both online and offline! To make sure that Ashleigh Plus Size can afford to have a team of fashion finders, we need to generate money. That’s why, when we send you to other websites, we use affiliate links. These are just like normal links, but when someone clicks through we may receive a small commission if a purchase is made on the site. This doesn’t affect you in anyway. Occasionally content is sponsored, but we will always continue to find the best clothing for curvy ladies.
Why do you use Facebook?
We connect your Ashleigh Plus Size account with your Facebook account to make your experience more social! You’ll be able to share products with your Facebook friends, and they can recommend them to you in return. You can do all of this within the Ashleigh Plus Size website!