Now that the weather is getting warmer, you’ll be looking forward to pulling all of those pretty summer dresses out of the wardrobe, but there’s nothing worse than the thought of the dreaded chafing you may get when its hot. So we’re here to help with the top anti-chafing hacks to get you through the summer, so you can enjoy the fine weather in complete comfort and style.

We all know that chafing in the summer can be SORE, and so we don’t want you to to have to suffer in the heat by wearing tights, or to fear wearing your favourite clothes because of it.

Check out these nifty products, some which you can buy and some which you’ll find lying about the house, to help combat it. They’re all recommended and tried and tested by the Ashleigh Plus Size community too.



These bandelettes look a bit like garters and are worn at the top of your thighs preventing your skin from rubbing together. Their lace material is super pretty and you can buy them in nude, black, and white too, so they’re completely invisible under your dresses. They’re breathable as well so you won’t feel too hot in the heat.

What you said: “I’ve bought the anti chaffing cut off tights. Can’t tell their on and are breathable so no getting too hot in them.”

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Cycle Shorts/ Shorts

Simply Be

Another failsafe way to stop sore thighs this summer is by wearing shorts underneath your skirts. A lot of you use this method, the only downside is that they may be a bit more visible depending on the length of the skirt, and may make you feel a bit warmer in the summer air.

Either way, a lot of women like to use them as everyone has a pair somewhere that they can simply pop on. If you’re looking for some fitted shorts, you can opt for cycling ones from your local sports shops or specially designed comfort shorts from plus size stores including Simply Be and Yours, though you’ve been especially loving the selection from brand Big Bloomers Co. too! Or if you need some asap or can’t fork out for a pair at the moment, you can easily fashion your own by cutting a pair of leggings to the desired length.

What you said: ” The big bloomer company do anti chafing shorts, very comfy, wash well and last for years. Worth the expense.”

“I wear petticoat culottes under maxi dresses. I buy them from eBay. They do the job brilliantly.”

“Cycle shorts primark have them in every summer got some today to wear dress.”

“Comfort shorts from Evans, I have no problems using them.”



Many of you have been recommending Lanacane gel which is made specifically to prevent chafing from skin on skin rubbing and clothes on skin too!

What you said: ” The Lanacane anti chaff cream is lovely. It goes on silky smooth. Bought it for Florida holiday. Applied it to try a day or two so know it’s nice.”

“Lanacane anti chaffing cream, I swear by it!”

“I rub it on my feet too if my shoes are rubbing.”

“I swear by Lanacane. It’s fabulous.”

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Deodorants such as Dove roll on make great barriers against rubbing. They’re something you’d usually have in the house too so you’re not spending any extra.

What you said: “Roll on dove deodorant – let it dry apply as and when.”

“Apparently stick deodorant works , not roll on had to be one of those pushup or wind up ones.”

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Baby oil


If you have a little one you’re sure to have some baby oil in the house, and it just so happens it’s great for giving you a protective layer against rubbing.

What you said: “Tiny bit of Baby oil, rubbed on the inside of the thigh. Lasts all night.”

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Dry Shampoo


Batiste is a messy hair day essential and this nifty little bottle of dry shampoo is also great for creating a layer on your skin to protect it from rubbing.

What you said: “Dry hair shampoo if you have to improvise!”


Talcum Powder


Talc works in a similar way to dry shampoo creating a protective layer so your legs won’t rub when you move. It’s also something you’re likely to have lying around in your cupboard.




Vaseline, the amazing jelly great for all kinds of things including keeping our lips and elbows hydrated, is also great at keeping our legs hydrated and comfortable too.


So, whether you’re looking to buy some staple shorts to pull out year after year, or are looking for quick fix home hacks, we hope you’ll find this list useful.