Get your dose of body confidence every single day with this Instagram page!

The Confidence Corner is the brainchild of the beautiful plus size blogger Callie Thorpe, and a must-follow for any curvy lady.

The Instagram page posts body positive pictures and quotes on a daily basis. It’s the perfect body-posi addition to your feed!

When you’re scrolling through social media, it’s easy to get bummed out. Comparing yourself to others is never healthy, and The Confidence Corner reminds us that we’re ALL perfect – no matter our shape or size.

By using the hashtag #TheConfidenceCorner, you can see all the lovely messages from the account in one great place.

If you’re interested in style inspiration, confidence-boosting messages, or just another great account to follow, The Confidence Corner has all that.

It’s really great to see more body positive accounts popping up on social media. We all need a self confidence boost once in a while!

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