We all love Iskra Lawrence for her body-posi vibes, and now she’s encouraging us to change the way we think about our “flaws”.

It’s time to love your body “flaws”! Embrace your soft tummy, strong thighs, and stretch marks.

Iskra Lawrence has teamed up with body-positive role model Sarah Tripp to send a mega important message to their followers.

The fabulous two have listed five things that they think women should stop seeing as their “flaws”, and embrace instead!

1. Stomach Rolls

Sarah Tripp said:”Having a little squish, or big squish, is totally normal and doesn’t make you any less beautiful”. Here at Ashleigh Plus Size, we totally agree!

2. Stretch Marks

The influencers said that with stretch marks you shouldn’t view them as scars, but instead a symbol of being a beautiful, powerful woman. Stretch marks should be celebrated! They are proof that your body is resilient and strong. Whether you’ve earned your tiger stripes through pregnancy or growing your curves, you should never feel ashamed of them.

3. Big Thighs

‘Mermaid thighs’ are finally getting the recognition they deserve! If your thighs touch, it’s obviously just because you’re part mermaid – duh.

4. Body Hair

Tripp said that she was once body-shamed online for having hair on her arms, which is just ridiculous! She said: “Having arm hair is so natural and you don’t have to shave it if you don’t want to!”.

5. Cellulite

EVERYONE has cellulite, so you should never feel embarrassed about your own! The girls said: “Cellulite is something that countless women have in various places and it’s not something that should be looked down upon. Again, it’s a natural part of being a woman and no one should have to apologise for it. Forget your worries about cellulite and celebrate it.”