Apart from being a world famous model, Iskra Lawrence is known for inspiring body positivity, and this week she’s been encouraging fans to love their booty regardless of its flaws.

The curvy icon posted a bikini shot on her Instagram last Wednesday while in Miami, as she asked her fans about what was happening in the area.

Lawrence was modelling a bikini for brand Aerie for swim week as she showed off her killer curves.

She told fans: “Love your booty regardless of its size, lumps and bumps, tiger stripes, scars, soft, firm, flat, round, dimply or smooth.”

“It’s yours and it’s the only cushion you really need.”

She then added some super uplifting hashtags including #imperfectlyperfect and #naturalskininallitsglory and pointed out that #yesigotmarksfromsittingdown #andnoiwontphotoshop.

She said that the photo was #unretouched “because we’re already good enough.”

Her fans are loving the body positive post too…

One woman said: “Thank you so much for being brave and posting this regardless of what people say. I am so so so self conscious of my thighs and I have a very similar body to yours! So it really makes me feel like I am worthy of love!”

Another fan commented: “Love this! My 11 year old daughter saw an ad for boob jobs the other day and said ‘why would people what to change themselves? They need to listen to Iskra, she said it’s fine to just be yourself’ ❤❤ thanks for making her feel good about herself 😊😊 xx”

Thanks Iskra for that awesome reminder that whatever your butt looks like, it’s perfect!

Images: @iskra on Instagram