McDonald’s may be a place where we love to treat ourselves to a tasty meal at the weekend, but we never expected the chain to become a body positivity source, and we’re lovin’ it!

Japan’s McDonald’s chain recently tweeted a picture of their French fries by the side of a message which was all about valuing fries no matter what they look like.

It read: ” The longest French fry isn’t necessarily the best French fry”

“Short French fries, curved French fries, crispy French fries, and soft French fries. All of them have good points. All of them have people who love them.”

“As long as you value your own unique flavour, we believe you’ll be able to contribute in your own way.”

People online think that the message is a metaphor about self love, embracing our bodies and quirks, and that we’re all beautiful in our own unique way.

We admit we wouldn’t have put McDonalds down as our first body positivity advocates before reading that message, but we think they’re doing a great job and are making their customers feel very uplifted! We could all take a leaf out of their book!

Bravo Maccies, we applaud you!