The famous high street store Primark has expanded their clothing range to include even more plus sizes.

Primark has announced that they’re going to expand their clothing size range. The high street store will now stock clothing up to a size 24.

This comes as fabulous news for curvy ladies, as the store previously only stocked up to a size 22.

Primark’s clothing size changes are being applied across the board, as they’re going to start stocking a women’s size 4 too.

The whole way the high street giant sizes their clothing and lingerie is set to change.

Instead of labelling select items as a size number, they will instead use 2XS, S, M , L, XL, and 2XL.

These sizings will only apply to select items in the womenswear range. This includes jumpers, cardigans, jersey tops, sports tops, casual bottoms, workout apparel, shorts, light jackets, and some swimwear.

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