Though we all love Instagram for its ability to provide us with inspiration, connecting us with like minded people, and helping us to discover new brands and places, it can also be a place of great comparison as we view profiles belonging to people who seem to have the perfect bodies and lifestyles, and it can make us feel a bit pants.

But thanks to a few body positive users, we can be inspired to embrace our beautiful bodies and remember that often everything is not as it appears online. As Instagrammer Tesia Kline illustrated to us this week, by showing us the reality behind her photographs.

The influencer decided to snap some images for her Instagram to show off her new bikini. She took a couple of pictures by chance in different lighting, and decided that instead of only posting the ‘perfect’ image, she also posted the brightly lit one which highlighted her cellulite.

The 27-year-old posted the inspiring images side by side to show all of her followers that “sometimes your ‘body goals’ may not always be what they appear to be.”


Image: @tk_line09 on Instagram

“Thank you, angles and lighting for helping me see that i’m still f****** FLAWESOME from every point of view!! And so are YOU!”

The image received over 6,000 likes, and Tesia was praised for her honesty in the comments.

One follower said “I was just looking at my thighs in the dressing room today and feeling bad. Thank you! Ya! they are fabulous just the way they are!”

Another commented “Your honesty is amazing and so needed in social media. I don’t follow a lot of people unless I find I can get something out of it and your thread is so amazing. Thanks for being HONEST on social media.”

Image: @tk_line09 on Instagram

It’s fair to say Kline got a great response. She said in an article with Cosmopolitan that her reason for posting the image was that “I wanted to share it because I feel like there are millions of women out there who are so insecure about something that is so normal. They try to ‘cure’ it (cellulite) like it’s some kind of disorder.”

She continued, “You don’t have to be lean and shredded to be happy or healthy.”

And with her body positive attitude and inspirational imagery, it’s easy to see why Kline has more than 95,000 followers.

Tesia we think you’re amazing for spreading such great vibes and inspiring us all, we applaud you!